Juza App

What is Juza Photo?

JuzaPhoto : is an online platform dedicated to the photography industry. Browse over 400000 photos, hundreds of articles , destinations, reviews , publish your photos and discuss with photographers from around the world. You can create your own free page with over 400 pictures , or buy a space to more than 10,000 photos as a supporter , also offers monthly workshops JuzaPhoto Photoshop .

The concept and the idea of ​​designing my app

I’m a big fan of the platform Juza Photo . Being a loyal user , I realized that as far as the moving part on the various virtual store was not present anything unlike other competitors like Flickr . It was time to try, I thought I’d draw this application because the navigation on the site appeared to be moving too scattered and poorly organized .
In this concept that I have studied for the design of the interface, I watched the original platform for months trying to create a finished product of a functional , modern and fluid.
The entire interface is characterized by the fusion of   blur, flat and rounded elements.
I created a side bar containing the system side of the navbar iconized this site to keep an eye on the eye and all the pages on which category you’re interacting with all’hover that moves continuously.
All the contents are presented in a clear and fluid flow pinch . The photo galleries are all designed and designed to be optimized both in landscape or in portrait on every device . Unlike the website , we have introduced a chat to interact in a direct and immediate link with friends and employees in real time. Another new feature is the integration of weather forecasts , maps, calendar and temperature 24/24 h connected and not in the app itself for ever starting with question marks.
In short, the app that every photographer dreamed .



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